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Company profile

About us

The company trade mark:
STT Strojna tovarna Trbovlje d.d.

(STT Strojna tovarna Trbovlje Inc.
Equipment and machines manufacturer)

Vodenska cesta 49,
1420 Trbovlje,

Phone: +386 40 836 214, +386 40 836 215

E-mail: info@stt.si
URL: http://www.stt.si

BASE CAPITAL: 540 mio SIT = 2,5 mio EUR

President: Mr. Igor Hrovatič


In 1948 ZPS Strojna Tovarna Trbovlje (Equipment and machines manufacturer was established from central mainers workshops and was one of the major manufacturers of mainer's equipment in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. ZPS STT had in the time of the greatest range of bussiness around 1700 employers.

In 1990 ZPS STT established sister company ORODJARNA TRBOVLJE ltd. with 50 employees.

In 1991 ZPS STT established another sister company STROJEGRANJA inc. (Manufacturer of constructive and transport machines and devices) where were still 640 employees.

In 1999 ended a privatization proces in which ZPS STT was transformed in STT Strojna Tovarna Trbovlje inc. which was in the ownership of the government funds.

In 2001 the 100% government's ownership became private.

Today STT Strojna tovarna Trbovlje with two sister companies has 250 skillful employees. The complete turnover in 2001 was 10 mio EUR.

Vision and goals

To become one of major supplier of progressive and transfer tools for car industry in Slovenia.

In 2002 we plan to finish new factory of 2000 m2 and install complete line of new CNC machines.

To improve complete 3D construction for progressive and transfer tools.

Our products
  • Hydraulic clamping units for horizontal centers,
  • Special prototype forming parts for car industry,
  • Progressive and transfer cutting and forming tools for mass, Production in car industry,
  • Tools for die-casting aluminium,
  • Other custom designed tools.
Our customers
  • EMO ORODJARNA d.o.o.
  • GORENJE d.d.
  • CIMOS d.d.
  • TOMOS d.d.
  • UNITECH d.d.
Our machinery


CNC vertical milling machines

2 pcs

CNC HV milling machines

1 pcs

CNC wire cut

2 pcs


2 pcs

CNC coordinate grinding machines

1 pcs

NC coordinate driling machines

2 pcs

Other driling machines

10 pcs

Clasic universal milling machines

6 pcs

Clasic lathes

6 pcs

Automatic surface grinding machines

6 pcs

Universal cylindrical grinding machines

4 pcs

Hydraulic presses 90.000 Kp

1 pcs